Sunday, May 19, 2013

Affordable Arepas at Guasaca

I first tried arepas at the last international festival in downtown Raleigh and became a fan at first bite.  These Colombian and Venezuelan corn cakes are pan fried and or baked and served stuffed with any manner of filling.  My first was served with marinated shredded beef and cheese.  I was excited to see an "areperia" open up in right here in Raleigh with these delectable corn sandwiches and was even more excited to see that around four bucks a pop the prices were well suited to my budget.  You can pick a one of Guasaca's signature combinations of fillings or design your own with choices like shredded beef, steak, braised pork, chicken, tilapia, or black beans.  Add toppings ranging from pinto beans or plantains to coleslaw and caramelized onions for a satisfying and reasonably healthy meal.  Creamy cilantro, mustard, or wine vinegar are the icing on the cake.  The best pick has to be the pricier, but worth it, signature sauce guasaco sauce reminiscent of a chunky guacamole.  My main criticism would be the saltiness of the dishes, most notable in the guasaco sauce.  The atmosphere is super casual and the food is served up fast in a Moe's burrito assembly line type fashion.  Two of my other income deficient friends likewise gave Guasaco positive reviews for cheap, healthy and unique options.


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