Friday, January 27, 2012

A trip out to "La Farm"

I've heard some great feedback on La Farm, a french bakery in Cary and was thrilled to try it out recently.
After all there is little I love more in this world than some perfectly baked bread, and I just might be willing to drive out to Cary, NC to get it.  If I had one meal I had to eat everyday for the rest of my life it would be quite simply: fresh baked bread, a good salad, good cheese, and wine.  Simple, but good enough to live on for the rest of my days.  They would however have to throw in some lactose pills with that order... 

In any case, back at "La Farm" I was able to indulge on the cheap by ordering a cappucino and a heavenly almond croissant.  Would I have loved to have indulged in a Croque madam or slice of the quiche de jour? Absolutely, but I am the "under financed" foodie after all.  Surprisingly enough, the quarter million calories of the almond croissant managed to keep me full till lunch.  It was worth every single calorie by the way...with just the right ratio of rich buttery croissant to sweet almond paste filling, and the prerequisite toasted almond slices garnishing the top.  My taste buds were immediately transported back to Paris, no easy feat. I was in such rapture eating my flaky confection that I'm afraid I made a miserable conversational companion.

An almond croissant at La Farm ran me under three dollars, success! Until I spotted their bags of homemade granola...than I had a lapse in thriftiness.  The granola there is NOT CHEAP, and while it will definitely not be a regularly scheduled purchase, for an occasional splurge, it's amazing.  The granola is light and crisp, bursting with the flavors of honey, sesame and almonds.  I don't necessarily think the French would approve of the plastic plate my croissant was served on, but I don't think they would argue with the quality of baked goods themselves, and that's truly saying something.
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