Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lebanese for Less at Neomonde

If the sound of rich creamy hummus, smoky baba ghanoush, or flaky honey sweetened layers of phyllo dough gets you salivary glands going, then you could head over to Sitti in downtown Raleigh, and fork out a substantial sum for a delicious Lebanese meal with a great ambiance.  However, if you are on my kind of budget and would prefer to enjoy the same quality of Lebanese goodness for less, then your destination should be Neomonde.  Neomonde is a sister restaurant of Sitti, with the same quality-albeit more casual -cuisine for a far lower price.  Neomonde is a Lebanese bakery, small scale grocery and casual cafe where you can order falafels, wraps, kabobs, shawarmas, and of course an array of delicious baked goods, to satiate that craving for Middle Eastern goodies without emptying your wallet. (Although to be fair, you may be tempted to drop every cent you have on a giant take-home box of baklava.) My favorite picks are the beef and lamb shawarma, the amazing herbed chicken salad, and their incomparable hummus.  I will say that their tabouli is not my favorite, and that the kabobs can run a little bland if not accompanied with a dipping sauce, but overall there is far more here worth trying than I can say. Neomonde also boasts an excellent selection for vegetarians.  I'm thrilled that Neomonde now has three locations with one in Morrisville and two in Raleigh.  I'm fortunate enough that their new North Raleigh location right off of Strickland is near me!  If your looking for something healthy and reasonably priced, Neomonde is a great option, so check it out. Neomonde Bakery & Deli on Urbanspoon

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