Thursday, June 14, 2012

Coquette, Dinner vs. Brunch

So I've already made my love of brunch fairly clear.  It may be easy to make a delicious brunch at home, but the lower prices at brunch can provide a way for even an underfinanced foodie to try out those high end restaurants where they have been aching to dine.  Following this policy I have taken to enjoying one of my favorite fine dining establishments for brunch rather than dinner.  If you've been to Coquette French Bistro in North Hills, you know that the Parisian bistro setting is spot on.  It's open and airy and oozing French charm.  You may also know that the dinner prices are prohibitively high for all but special occasions for those of us working on a budget.  I've had dinner at Coquette and enjoyed my steak frites, although I expected better for the price. Fortunately, that was on a date where my tab was picked up. For those eating on their own dime (and I'm usually one of them,) brunch is the way to go.  It's not cheap, but it's much more accessible than the dinner prices.  The fresh bread and salted butter they serve is divine...and I don't generally use or even particularly like the term divine.  I highly recommend the eggs benedict and any of the quiches.  The eggs in the quiche have been whipped to a frenzy producing the most airy melt in your mouth quiche with a souffle like texture.  I hate to say skip out on the Croque Monseiur at a French Brasserie, but it was just ok, not extraordinary. The crepes are delicious, but despite how rich they are (and they are sinfully rich,) they aren't enough to fill me up.  I recommend a sweet crepe as a dessert rather than an entree, since it really is a dessert anyway, unless you have a considerable sweet tooth. So get a sugardaddy (or mamma) to take you for dinner, otherwise try Coquette for brunch, and soak up some of the Parisian charm. Coquette Brasserie on Urbanspoon

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