Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chicken N' Waffles

At the urging of my friend Emily, I finally jumped on the chicken and waffles bandwagon and visited the popular Durham establishment Dame's Chicken and Waffles.  I was made a total chicken and waffle convert.  Delicious specialty waffles like sweet potato, blueberry, gingerbread or plain are topped with juicy flavorful chicken cutlets, drumsticks, or wings and paired with buttery spreads in a variety of flavors.  I tried the sweet potato waffle with a chicken cutlet, orange honeycomb spread and a honey Dijon drizzle (I was skeptical about that last part...but it works.) My taste buds were electrified.  Sides included some amazing mac and cheese, grits, collared greens with a kick, veggies, or a side salad.  While the food was sensational, patrons have to suffer through long waits and mediocre service (at best) from over-stretched waitresses struggling to balance seating guests, taking orders, helping out with who knows what in the kitchen, delivering food, refilling drinks (but mostly not,) and busing tables.  This place needs some bus boys and enough kitchen staff where they don't need the waitstaff to help out, especially on a busy Saturday night. After waiting an entire hour for a table for three, my friends and I were finally presented with a table.  Some time later our food came out, which we stared at longingly for a torturous five minutes before we could flag down a waitress to bring out some silverware.  I was feeling hungry and grumpy until I finally tried the food. Wow...it definitely turned my frown upside down. The chicken was well seasoned and juicy and provided the perfect savory complement to the sweetness of the waffle. Despite the intense frustration, I'll probably be back.  This time however, I'll keep trying even after the first three phone calls to make a reservation go unanswered.

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